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Access your acquired electrophysiology data directly in your favorite analysis and graphing program. Easily automate common analysis tasks.

Directly read your data
Point-and-click data selection for easy import
View file information, comments, and structure
Programming support for custom analysis scripts
Acquired data and stimuli
Supported Program
Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic
Systat SigmaPlot
WaveMetrics IGOR Pro (see DataAccess IGOR Pro 7 installation instructions))
Supported File Types
MolecularDevices pClamp 9 and pCLAMP 10 (ABF and ATF)
MolecularDevices AxoScope 9 and AxoScope 10
Bruxton Acquire
Cambridge Electronic Design Spike 2
HEKA Elektronik PatchMaster
HEKA Elektronik Pulse
DataAccess 9.4.1
Sample IGOR Pro scripts
ReadABFFile.ipf reads an ABF file into waves.
current versionUS$ 295.00
upgradeUS$ 100.00