Bruxton Corporation SIDX 7 sample program description, ArchiveContinous.


ArchiveContinuous shows how to use SIDXAcquireArchiveOpenNew and SIDXAcquireArchiveWrite to have SIDX write an archive image file.

SIDX Calls

The SIDX calls to write to a TIFF file are:

Call SIDXAcquireArchiveOpenNew to create a new TIFF file. Create the new TIFF file after calling SIDXCameraAcquireOpen, but before calling SIDXAcquireStart. The TIFF file remains open throughout the acquisition.
Call SIDXAcquireArchiveWrite to write images to the open TIFF file. SIDXAcquireArchiveWrite does not change the read position (unlike SIDXAcquireRead, which does change the read position), so if you want to move past the images that have been written, call SIDXAcquireReadSetPosition.
Call SIDXAcquireClose to close the TIFF file. The TIFF file can only be closed as part of closing the acquire handle.


SIDX writes the archive file in TIFF format. The file is a TIFF stack, that is, a single file contains all the images written, in sequence.

If the archive file size is 2GB or larger, SIDX writes the file in BigTIFF format. If you want to write files that are 2GB or larger, please check that your image analysis program can read BigTIFF files. WaveMetrics IGOR Pro 7 and later support BigTIFF files.