Bruxton Corporation SIDX 7 sample program description, PVCAM.

Photometrics PVCAM

Sensor clear mode

Some cameras, such as the Photometrics Prime, have a sensor 'clear mode' setting. If you are acquiring a sequence of images, you usually want to clear the sensor before acquiring the sequence. The IGOR Pro code to set this mode is:

// For a Photometrics camera with a 'ClearMode', set the value.
Variable sidx_clear_name = "ClearMode"
Variable sidx_clear_ID
SIDXDeviceExtraGetByName sidx_camera_local, sidx_clear_name, sidx_clear_ID, sidx_status

if (sidx_status == 0)
    // The camera has a 'ClearMode' setting. The values are:
    // 1: clear pre exposure
    // 2: clear pre sequence
    Variable sidx_clear_value = 2
    SIDXDeviceExtraListSet sidx_camera_local, sidx_clear_ID, sidx_clear_value, sidx_status

Princeton Instruments PVCAM

PrincetonInstruments.ipf is a simple continuous acquisition sample, similar to AcquireContinuous, with modifications for the Princeton Instruments PVCAM driver.


In PrincetonInstruments.ipf, notice the call to SIDXRootEnableCapabilities. This call, with the capabilities value 1001, instructs SIDX to use the Princeton Instruments PVCAM driver, instead of the default Photometrics PVCAM driver. This call to SIDXRootEnableCapabilities must be placed after the call to SIDXRootOpen, and before the call to SIDXRootCameraScan.