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You may:

  1. move this software from one computer to another.
  2. copy this software to use it and to back it up.
  3. transfer this software permanently.

You may not:

  1. allow more than one person to use this software at one time.
  2. remove or obscure any copyright notice.
  3. disassemble, decompile, or reverse-engineer this software.


This section describes the warranty we provide with SIDX, which is very limited.

  1. You can return the product for any reason, as long as you do so during the return period. Your distributor will specify a return period. If not, the return period is 30 days from the date you receive the product.
  2. We provide the product to you as is. If it does not do what you want, or what you think it should do, or what you think we promised it would do, your remedy is to return it, subject to (1).
  3. You are responsible for the consequences of using the product. Again, you can return the product, subject to (1).