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int SIDXTestSet(void* sidx, int index, int value);


SIDXTestSet   sidx, index, value, status


The open SIDX handle created by SIDXOpen.
The index of the test value entry. The valid index range is between 0 and 1.
The value for the specified entry. The value descriptions are:
index 0: the thread affinity mask for SIDX thread when running with an Andor Technology camera.
index 1: the thread affinity mask for Andor Technology driver thread.

The return value is non-zero if the function failed, zero if it succeeded.


The function is intended for controlling the advanced features in SIDX. For normal usage of SIDX, the function is not needed.

The test control entry 0 and 1 of the function are intended for the advance users for directing the execution of SIDX and/or the Andor Technology driver thread on the specific processors on a multi-processors computer system. The format of the thread affinity mask is the same as what is expected by the underlying system. A thread affinity mask is a bit vector in which each bit represents a logical processor that a thread is allowed to run on. For example, for a computer system with two processors, the affinity mask value of 1 (one) means to run the thread on the first logical processor and the affinity mask value of 2 means to run on the second logical processor. When an invalid thread affinity mask is specified, the function will generate an error and the thread affinity mask will be unchanged. If the function is not called, no thread affinity is declared at all.