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Required terminal

All SIDX VIs (except SIDXOpen) have a required terminal which needs to be connected to either SIDX or a camera. This is how SIDX internal information gets passed on. Please see the online help in LabView for details.

VI terminals

The terminals for all SIDX VIs are mapped to Microsoft Visual Basic interface for the same function. For example, LabView VI SIDXOpen has an equivilant counterpart for Microsoft Visual Basic interface SIDXOpen. Please see the corresponding Microsoft Visual Basic interface for defailed description on the inputs and outputs.

Locating SIDX VIs in LabView

To find SIDX VIs in LabView, bring up the block diagram of a VI. Under Windows menu, select "Show Functions Palette". This will bring up functions palette window. In the functions palette window, select "User Libraries". You will then see the SIDX VI group.