SIDX 7 user manual


SIDX 7 provides an interface from applications to scientific CCD cameras and motorized microscope stages. This document is the reference manual of SIDX 7 for WaveMetrics IGOR Pro.

This documentation of the IGOR Pro SIDX calls is produced from the SIDX source code using the open-source software Doxygen (see We have chosen to produce the documentation directly from the source code, so the documentation is as accurate as possible. Doxygen is designed to produce documentation for many programming languages, including C and python, but not (yet) including WaveMetrics IGOR Pro. As you read this SIDX documentation, you must mentally make some adjustments to the documentation, as described below.

You will find the documentation itself under the menu item 'Files' above, with the calls grouped.

The key differences are:

For example, consider the documentation for SIDXRootOpen, which is shown as:

SIDXRootOpen (integer SIDXroot, string license, integer status)

In IGOR Pro, you would write something like:

Variable SIDXroot
String license = ""
Variable status
SIDXRootOpen SIDXroot, license, status

As explained in the documentation for SIDXRootOpen, the procedure writes the SIDX root handle into the variable specified as the first parameter, in this case the variable SIDXroot. The handle value is an integer, but IGOR Pro only requires that SIDXroot be declared to be a 'Variable'.

SIDXRootOpen requires that the second parameter be a text string, 'String license'. You usually leave this empty, and let SIDX read the license from the license file. Please refer to SIDX installation instructions regarding the location of SIDX license file.

SIDXRootOpen writes the status into the third parameter. When the call returns, the variable is set to zero if the operation succeeded, and a non-zero value if the operation failed. Use SIDXRootGetLastError to obtain an error description as a text string.