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SIDX 7 Samples

The samples are primarily written for WaveMetrics IGOR Pro (.ipf files).

Simple acquisition

AcquireContinuous.ipf html acquire continuously
ArchiveContinuous.ipf html archive to TIFF stack
AcquireEpisode.ipf html acquire an episode
AcquireSnapshots.ipf acquire a snapshot

Advanced acquisition

AcquireMultipleCameras.ipf html multiple cameras
ImageColorCoding.ipf html merge multiple images

Hardware control

codedocumentdescription html external trigger

These samples use a Raspberry Pi to handle the trigger signals:


documentsample code
Photometrics PVCAM
Princeton Instruments PVCAM PrincetonInstruments.ipf
QImaging optiMOS fast imaging QImagingOptiMOSFast.ipf
QImaging optiMOS signal timing

Photometrics PVCAM shows the SIDX call to set the camera sensor clear mode.

Princeton Instruments PVCAM shows the SIDX call to SIDXRootEnableCapabilities to enable SIDX to use the Princeton Instruments PVCAM driver instead of the Photometrics PVCAM driver. This call is needed to use the Princeton Instruments PVCAM driver.

QImaging optiMOS fast imaging shows how to acquire images at high speed using the optiMOS. QImaging optiMOS signal timing shows the external signal timing on the optiMOS for various trigger modes.